According to AFAOA bylaws, our objectives are:

To gather, preserve and disseminate Austin genealogies and Austin family histories.

To establish a specialized database of Austin information that can assist genealogists and family members to learn as much as possible about their Austin heritage.

To help foster wider acquaintances and long-term friendships among the members of all branches of the Austin families.

Invites to the very first 3 AFAOA reunion/conventions can be viewed HERE.

A video of the very first gathering can be viewed HERE.


Coming soon we will be switching to our new web site. Access will still at be the same address:

Established in 1991, the site was one of the first genealogy sites on the "World Wide Web" and the first devoted to the surname Austin-Austen. Since then, the AFAOA team has faithfully expanded, improved and supported the site. Today, considerations, such as our operating software becoming obsolete, privacy and hacking concern,s have forced us to consider an alternate path. We have chosen to use Darrin Lythgoe's The Next Generation (TNG) of genealogy software.

Because of privacy concerns, access to the new site will require users to establish an account and require sign in. We are also employing encryption of messages transmitted to and from our users, so that sensitive data can be controlled and kept safe. TNG provides a powerful search engine with which users can navigate the site and thoroughly explore any of our 70 databases.

All of our publications will still be available with selected ones capable of text search. We have also expanded our DNA program to add an autosomal DNA project to our existing extensive Y-DNA project.

The team will continue to upgrade the site as time passes utilizing the advanced capability of TNG software, hopefully improving your access to Austin research. Please contact the web master for any questions or concerns.