Here are some of the best links to television and other media on the Internet!

Zap2it.com. Total television - info on the major networks, cable TV, satellite, usergroups, media e-mail addresses, and lots more!

Povonline. The banner says it all - a great site devoted to TV, animation, comic books, and more, run by a great TV comedy writer named Mark Evanier!

Classic TV Info. Episode guides and more for those hard-to-find early television shows!

Classic TV Shop! One of the best places on the Web to find memorabilia for all your favorite TV shows!

Television Gifts.Com! Cool TV gift ideas - quality collectables and memorabilia from thousands of top TV shows - ideal for Christmas, birthdays, Easter and other occasions.

LUCYlibrary. Want something with Lucy in it? Can't find it anywhere else? You'll find it here - books, videos, CD-ROMs, and more!

The Official Dwayne Hickman/Dobie Gillis Fan Club! Contact the one and only Dobie Gillis live and in person - get autographed pictures, books, videos, even art work by Dwayne!

The Fury Website. Remember the famous series? Well, here's a site totally devoted to it!

The Superman Book Site. This book tells the saga of Superman's astounding career! It's all here, in the amazing story of movie and TV's greatest hero - The Man of Steel!

Classic Movie Forum. Discuss your favorite movies with other collectors!

TV Barn. A terrific site for the latest TV news, information, and reviews, run by renowned TV critic for the Kansas City Star, Aaron Barnhart!

GreatCollectible.com - Online Antique and Collectibles Shopping DirectoryGreat Collectible. An online antique and collectibles shopping directory.

Sounds Familiar. A web site based in the UK that features audio and music from both American and British commercials, TV shows, and movies!

Satellite TV Headquarters. Everything you need to know about satellite television...and more!

Remember When. A stroll back to the 50s and 60s!

Whirlin Disc Oldies. One of the largest 50s and oldies music sellers in the country!

The Mining Company's Classic TV Page. Another great place for info on classic TV, plus many other links!

The Mining Company's Guide to TV Comedy. A one-stop Internet source for everything comedic on TV!

The Movie BBS. Everything you could possibly want to know about movies...and more! It's all right here.

Collectible Guide resources.

Serendipity Records. One of the largest suppliers of nostalgic recordings and videos on the planet!

Adventures in Cassettes. Want old radio shows? Here's one of the best sources for these!

INFOSEARCH main menu INFOSEARCH Broadcast Links Directory. An excellent A-Z reference for finding other TV and broadcast-related sites on the World Wide Web!

Webovision Media. More links to all aspects of media in the United States and around the world!

Internet TV Resource Guide. Still more links to still more areas of interest on the Net!

TV Land. An Internet amusement park featuring your favorite classic TV shows and commercials!

TV Guide Online. Your favorite weekly magazine is now online with all of its great articles and show listings!

Online TV Listings. Find out what's on tonight, tomorrow, or next week for over 100 different channels!

Movie Collector's World Magazine. One of the best sources for acquiring videos, films, movie posters, and general memorabilia!

The Picture Palace. With a database containing over 60,000 videos you can order, this is the place for getting hard-to-find features, serials, cartoons, and other TV programming that Shokus Video doesn't carry!

NostalgicCandy.com. If you like old TV and you also like candy, here's an online store that offers both packaged together!

Movie Culture Online. If it has to do with the entertainment industry (especially film and TV), it's here!

Curioscape. A one-stop Internet source for finding rare memorabilia, antiques, and everything else collectible around the world!

Collector's SuperMall. Whatever you collect - video tapes, toys and games, magazines, books, records, movie posters, trading cards, any kind of general memorabilia - you'll find it here!

The Fifties Website. If you're into the 1950s, this is the place to go!

Buyer's Index. If you like to shop for mail order products on the Internet, this site is for you. Anything you can think of can be searched and located here!

Signature Gallery. An excellent place to shop for entertainment and sports memorabilia!

The Official We Love Lucy Fan Club. Lucy fans unite! For over 20 years, We Love Lucy (Lucyfan Enterprises) has been the original appreciation society for Lucy, her co-stars, and all of her TV shows and movies. We Love Lucy is also responsible for the Loving Lucy Conventions held in Burbank since 1996!

What's Lucy laughing at? Take a look!

The Colgate Comedy Hour Info Page. Everything you wanted to know about this classic series, and more!

Dennis the Menace TV. A fan site devoted to the 1959 TV comedy sitcom Dennis the Menace with Jay North.

Hoover TV & Radio Archive Page. One of our TV Connection members has established his own web site, featuring lots of rare TV and radio shows for trade!

. Legendary Rockers. Recreate the great singers of the past live and in person at this unique site!

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