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Is Now On DVD!

That’s right – the most popular “learn magic” product in HISTORY is now available in the ultimate learning format!

Hi, Larry Anderson here. Have you ever been somewhere when someone did a magic trick that blew people’s minds and left everyone gawking?

NOW you can feel what it's like to be the gawkee instead of the gawker!

Because that's exactly what JawDroppers do! These are killer tricks using everyday items, guaranteed to create a jaw-dropping impact on your friends, business contacts, or that certain "someone" you’ve got your eye on.

The JawDroppers collection includes 4 two-hour DVDs crammed with 81 astonishing tricks - plus lots of other cool material.

  • 8 Hours of Amazing Secrets & Explanations
  • Concise Step-by-Step Instruction
  • No Sleight-of-Hand Necessary
  • No Special Magic Props Needed
  • Designed for Non-Magicians
  • Easy to Learn & Do
  • Fun & Entertaining Just to Watch
  • Sure-Fire Ice-Breakers... Anytime, Anywhere!
  • 4 Easy-to-Navigate DVDss
  • 81 Killer Tricks Using Everyday Stuff
  • Free Bonus Svengali Deck (Up to $20 Value!)
  • 10 Bonus Svengali Deck Tricks!
  • All For $59.90 (that's less than $1 per trick!)

Larry has been performing and teaching magic for over 30 years. Mentor to the Hollywood stars, Larry taught Bill Bixby the magic for his role in the NBC series “The Magician”.

He has also appeared on the Tonight Show and entertained celebrities like Paul & Linda McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Cat Stevens, John Lennon, John Denver, Lucille Ball, Dick Van Dyke, and many more.

And now Larry will teach YOU!

The JawDroppers collection contains some of the most eye-popping, traffic-stopping little “miracles” in magic. And the best part is, they’re all tricks YOU can perform almost immediately – with everyday objects!

With Larry’s experience, easy manner and crystal clear instruction (he performs each trick followed by a step-by-step explanation) you’ll be amazing your own friends and making lasting impressions in no time.
With very little practice!

So what are you waiting for?

Click over to the JawDroppers store and check out the amazing deal we’re offering in celebration of the release of JawDroppers on DVD!

And while you’re there, have a look at all the cool new magic props we’ve added to the site. Quality-made magic with a lot of punch using some fun and clever paraphernalia!

Larry says: "Learn just one JawDropper and make one lasting impression, and you'll see how much these DVDs are worth! There's simply no better way to break the ice with business contacts, new friends, or that 'special someone' you want to connect with."


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