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....and welcome back to the golden days of television! Dealers and distributors: quantity discounts are available. Please write, phone, fax, or e-mail our office for more details. Complete address and telephone information can be found at the bottom of this and every page in our online catalog. Please take a moment to read these instructions. If you've visited here before, you can go directly to our table of contents.

Shokus Video has been a leader in supplying the video marketplace with vintage 1950s public domain television programming since 1979. Our current library boasts well over 350 hours of classic film and kinescope performances that spotlight the medium when it was brand new and features the big stars of the era! Programs are fully complete except where noted, and many contain the original commercials as broadcast their first time by the networks. All cassettes are guaranteed in quality, but not necessarily in content (we have no control over that). Refunds, exchanges, and credits will be given PROVIDING the cassette in question truly has a flaw, tracking problem, etc. that was not duly noted in this online catalog. All cassettes are inspected before packaging and shipping to maintain a high amount of quality control.

All tapes and DVDs are shipped in the NTSC system. If you're visiting us right now from outside North America, we also offer our VHS selections in PAL and SECAM systems. There is an additional per-tape charge for these, and it will be explained once you place your selections in your shopping cart and check out of the store. If you're purchasing DVDs, you may want to look at our FAQ here. Please use your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express credit card when paying online. If you wish to order via U.S. mail, personal checks are welcomed, but to avoid a delay, please send a money order or cashier's check made payable to Shokus Video, P.O. Box 3125, Chatsworth, CA 91313. You may still place your order online, but indicate you will be paying by check or money order when doing so. If you wish to use your credit card and fax your order to us, you can place your selections in your shopping cart, but please follow the instructions upon checking out to complete your fax order.

All orders are processed and shipped within 48 hours after receipt, and are shipped via PRIORITY MAIL to all points in the United States unless otherwise requested. A confirmation e-mail is sent each time you place an order.

FYI - A kinescope is a recording made of a live TV performance by positioning a 16mm movie camera directly in front of a television monitor. This was the only means of preserving a program prior to the invention of video tape. Thousands of live TV shows produced during the 1950s were not recorded, and many kinescopes have been lost. The quality of these primitive recordings is far inferior to today's high definition pictures, but it is the only record we have of the medium's salad days. Shokus Video was formed to help locate, preserve, and offer these rare shows. If you have access to anything you think may fit into our library, please contact us. Prints will be treated with the utmost of care, and returned upon completion of transfer, along with a complimentary dub and a finder's fee for their use.

PLEASE NOTE: Because the majority of items Shokus Video offers are one-of-a-kind, we generally release programs in the order that we receive them. This frequently results in one series being packaged with other different series to make up a 2-hour tape.


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